The Clown Car Update for December 11, 2022

Posted: December 15, 2022 in New Post

Every Trumper in Georgia liked Herschel a lot

But most voters in Georgia who voted did not!

They didn’t like Walker’s senatorial bid

Now please don’t ask us why,

Ask one of his kids!

It could be the voters knew Herschel was dumb

It could be he couldn’t add one and one

But I think that the most likely reason of all

May have been that his brain was

Two sizes too small

But whatever the reason, his math or his brain

Seeing Herschel in congress drove Georgians insane

Staring down at their ballots at his name on the page

Threw voters in Georgia into tantrums and rage!

For they knew that the Trumpers wanted this dope

To clog up the Senate with Republican votes

“And he’s spinning his lies!” they snarled with a grin

“They think that for Christmas that Herschel will win!

Then they said to themselves without one little doubt

“We’ll vote Warnock in, and vote Herschel out!”

For most Georgians knew if Herschel won with this ruse

He’d be voting with Graham, McConnell, and Cruz!

And they’ll screech and they’ll scream and make terrible noise

All the noise, all the noise, all the noise! Noise! Noise! Noise!

And they’ll scream and they’ll holler until we were deaf

About Biden’s agenda being way too far left

And they’ll scream and they’ll scream and they’ll scream, scream, scream, scream!

They would scream about laptops’

‘Till their heads swelled like yeast

Which was something Chuck Schumer

Couldn’t stand in the least!

And then there was something

Georgians liked least of all

Was how Herschel Walker

Would slither and crawl

And look at the camera

And lie to us all

He’d Lie! And He’d Lie!

And he’d lie, lie, lie, lie!

He’d lie about girlfriends, he’d lie about wives

He’d lie about children, and how he’s pro-life

Never paid for abortions, was a cop, and somehow

How a bull he once knew knocked up every cow!

He talked about werewolves, vampires, pronouns

While Graham and Cruz

Played his personal clowns

The more Georgian’s heard this Cuckoo bird sing

The more that they thought, “We must stop this whole thing!”

“Why for at least for a year we’ve put up with him now

“We must stop Herschel from winning

…..But HOW?

Then they got an idea, a terrific idea

Georgia voters got a wonderful, brilliant idea!

“We know what to do!” they said to themselves

And they pulled their car keys down from the shelves

Around all of Georgia

Their cars circled fast

Telling all Warnock voters

To get off their ass

Around the whole state they

Unfolded their plan

Pick up every voter from youngsters to grams

And give then a ride to their polling station

To save all our freedoms, to save our great nation!

They stuffed them in Chevys

And old Subarus

They stuffed them in pickups

One by one, two by two!

Then they went to the drive-in

And gave them all snacks

Pizza and soda

McMuffins, Big Macs

As they went to the polls

the caravan grew

For these Georgians, they knew

They knew what to do!

“Now we’ll all vote for Warnock!”

They said to loud cheers

And keep him in office

For another SIX YEARS!

As they all got in line, Herschel tugged at their sleeves

“Why vote for Warnock instead of for ME?!”

But the voters in line were so smart

and so slick

They gave him an answer, and gave it up quick!

“Why my little dumb snot,” voters said to the lad

“All the lights have gone out in your empty head!”

“So we’re sending you home to your nice Texas digs”

“To enjoy a great Christmas with your hundreds of kids!”

And the fib fooled poor Herschel as they patted his head

“Now go vote for Warnock, and then straight to bed!”

“And when you wake up this all will have passed”

“You can go back to Texas with your sorry ass!”

And when Hershel awoke and turned on his TV

There was Steve Kornacki on NBC

Declaring the winner

was Warnock, not he!

And what happened then…..?

Well… Georgia they say

Fox News pulled the plug

And called it a day.

And Americans thought something

They hadn’t before

Maybe Georgia isn’t so red anymore

Maybe Trumpism…perhaps…was a

Large oozing sore!”

And before Georgia voters turned off their TV’s

Kornacki left a present under their Christmas tree.

He gave his last total, just one more time

It was Dems 51, GOP 49!

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