The Clown Car Update for September 12, 2021

Posted: September 13, 2021 in New Post

Are you tired of science? Are you tired of scientists? Are you tired of medical advice from so-called experts who want you to wear masks with government microphones and get a computer chip injected into your arm? Well the MAGA/Fox Labs they want you to know that they are constantly working on solutions that will protect you from COVID and at the same time preserve your freedoms. So the medical school janitors who brought you Clorox injections and Ivermectin Flintstone chewables have gone back to their labs and developed an even newer treatment for the virus. Introducing Compound Q.

What’s is Compound Q? Well, it’s all the rage on TikTok so it must be the real deal! They took ground up shoe inserts from Dr. Scholl’s and added some self-stick corn removers. Then, they mixed it all up in an old tube of Compound W wart remover with some ground flea and tick collars to bring you the ultimate COVID-19 cure, Compound Q. Don’t be fooled by other so-called cures like the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine. Those vaccines depend on mRNA to give immunity to the virus. And chances are, you don’t even know what that means. Well at the MAGA/Fox labs, we don’t either. What we do know is that TikTok users all agree that vaccines are a liberal plot to turn real Americans into gay abortion doctors and take away your guns. But Compound Q protects your second amendment rights as well as your body by offering the latest ingredients featured in all the popular internet conspiracy sites. Our formula is based on dumbRNA. We threw the kitchen sink at covid and yes, Compound Q has little bits of metal from old kitchen sinks.

Look, you have the right to say what you do with your own body, unless you’re a woman in Texas. So don’t fall for all that scientific mumbo jumbo and take Compound Q. Throw away that mask, refuse the vaccines, and as we say at MAGA/Fox Labs, forget the “Fauci Ouchie” and take a “Foxie Toxie!” It’s got horse dewormer in it and really, isn’t all of MAGA world just one big horse’s ass?

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