The Clown Car Update for February 25, 2018

Posted: February 25, 2018 in New Post


We have all seen Sarah Huckabee Sanders at White House press briefings.  Do you wonder why she never tells the truth?  Do you wonder if anything can be done for the chronic constipation of facts? Can anything relieve the bloating she feels by holding in the real answer to a question? Well relief may be just a sopository away with Ex-fax.  Ex-fax is proven to give gentile, overnight relief to chronic constipation of the facts and it comes in many forms.

Look, we all have a hard time passing the truth at times. Our lives are busy and the boss is often a big jerk. He does stupid things, he says stupid things, and before you know it you are out there at the podium and you are blocked. And boy, that can be painful! No matter how hard you strain, the truth just won’t come out. Well now you can get fast relief with Ex-fax.  Ex-fax works in several ways to soften the truth so you can pass it easily and get on with your lying. And Ex-fax comes in three easy applications.

For gentile, overnight relief, there is Ex-fax gelcaps. Just take two jellcaps twenty-four hours before your press conference and leave the truth in your toilet. For hard facts, try Ex-fax fact softener to make facts easier to pass. And for immediate relief, there are Ex-fax supositories that are handy when there are only minutes before you have to lie your ass off. Don’t let chronic fact constipation get in the way of your life. Get those facts out of your system and out of your way so you can lie without those facts blocking your system.

Don’t take Ex-fax if you are pregnant or may become pregnant as Ex-fax may turn you child into a liar just like you. Tell you medical professional if you develop sypmtoms such as a guilty conscience or thoughts of telling the truth. Seek immediate attention if you start blurting out that “everything he says is a big fat lie!” as this may be a sign of a job threatening reaction. And remember, keep Ex-fax handy because just because Trump is full of it, doesn’t mean you have to be.

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