The Clown Car Update for September 10, 2017

Posted: September 9, 2017 in New Post


The Ballad of Chuck and Nancy

There was a young lady named Nancy
Whose head the Republicans fancied
She was smart, she was quick
She was really quite slick
If you crossed her your life got real chancy

And then there was Senator Chuck
Who was recently down on his luck
His majority lost
He was feeling the cost
Of a Senate that really did suck

One day Trump was elected our POTUS
And he put the whole country on notice
That with him as the head
Now Obamacare’s dead
And we’d never receive what was owed us

Mitch McConnell then whipped up a bill
To make Congress bend to his will
But the bill was defeated
And Mitch, he retreated
To swallow a big bitter pill

Then Harvey turned cities to moats
And people were rescued in boats
Trump said, “I’ll get you cash”
Mitch said, “Hey not so fast”
“I don’t think I could get all those votes”

Chuck and Nancy were sitting there still
Then said, “We can deliver a bill”
“In exchange for a deal,”
“Why it’s really a steal”
“You just have to bend to our will!”

Mitch and Ryan began to sweat
Trump said, “Chuck, you guys have a plan I would bet”
Chuck said, “Raise the debt ceiling”
Nancy said, “DACA healing”
Trump exclaimed,”That’s is it, we’re all set!”

Well the Tea Baggers’ faces turned red
They declared, “Mitch and Ryan are dead!”
“This is treason!”, they screamed
“This is one long, bad dream!”
“Mitch and Ryan, off with their heads!”

But Trump was as pleased as could be
‘Cause the press they just loved it, you see
Chuck and Nancy prevailed
Where the Teabaggers failed
And Trump smiled as he watched his TV

All the pundits were praising
Chuck and Nancy were raving
Of how POTUS and they made a deal
Mitch sat licking his wounds
Ryan sulked in his room
Watching their leadership caving

But don’t make a big fuss
For the lesson for us
Is just how Chucklosi succeeded
Just make Trump look like gold
And he’ll always be sold
Throwing Ryan and Mitch under the bus!

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