The FNB GOP Debate Roundup

Posted: November 11, 2015 in New Post

After watching the fourth GOP debate I want to scream “OK, I GET IT!”.   The GOP/Fox Nation crowd hates government, taxes, regulations, education, philosophers, clean air and water,  mouthy women,  ISIS,  Putin, Hillary Clinton,  anyone who is not Christian,  anyone who has actually read the Constitution, China, any country starting with “I” (except Israel), President Obama,  Obamacare,  LGBTQ people,  anyone who knows what LGBTQ means,  Hollywood,  France,  peace,  Marxists, Leninist, Socialists, Communists, Muslims, any movement with the word “black” in it,  Starbucks red cups, document that are more than three pages long,  minimum wage,  marijuana,  questions about things they say, the liberal media, the media, video tape, Google, moderators at debates (except the conservative ones), political correctness, details, math, science, Planned Parenthood, any fetus after birth, poor people and critical thinking.

The GOP/Fox crowd loves tax cuts, Social Security cuts, Medicare cuts,  any cut of raw meat, war,  huge walls,  vaginal ultrasounds,  marginalizing women,  saying Merry Christmas,  Putin (I know, he’s on the hate list too, but this is the GOP remember), fat,  sugar,  guns,  guns in every home, guns in every school, guns in every hand, more guns,  avoiding military service where the other guy has a gun,  the second amendment,  the tenth amendment,  knives, rocks, hammers,  strange stories about stabbing people,  large Egyptian grain storage,  the Popeye’s organization,  rapture,  Bibi,  fetuses (before birth),  money, money, money, money, the Koch brothers money, and money.

So, if you are planning to watch the remaining GOP/Fox Nation debates,  save the time for a good Netflix binge watch and just refer to the above list.  Nothing that the GOP/Fox Nation has to say ever changes,  but you might find out why everyone loves Saul Goodman!




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