The Clown Car Update For October 4, 2015 (The “We Love Bernie” Edition)

Posted: October 4, 2015 in New Post

On Episode 355 of The Tim Corrimal Show we compared Bernie Sanders to some of the GOP “alternatives”.  Here’s what we found:

  • Bernie believes the middle class is sinking
    • Marco Rubio’s state is sinking


  • Bernie favors a path to citizenship
    • Chris Christie blocked the path wherever he walks


  • Bernie believes that same-sex couples should have the right to marry
    • Donald Trump believes he should be able to marry his daughter


  • Bernie voted against the war in Iraq after 9/11
    • Jeb Bush doesn’t even remember 9/11


  • Bernie believes in separation of church and state
    • Ted Cruz believes in combining church and hate


  • Bernie thinks everyone should be able to see a doctor
    • Ben Carson thinks Donald Trump IS a doctor


  • Bernie wants to set the minimum wage at 15 dollars an hour
    • Carly Fiorina laid off 15 people an hour


  • Bernie opposes the Keystone Pipeline
    • Rand Paul has smoked the Keystone Pipeline


  • Bernie has been attracting big crowds in New Hampshire
    • Mike Huckabee has been attracting bigots in Kentucky


  • Bernie belongs to the Socialist Party
    • Bobby Jindal belongs to the stupid party


Yes, although the GOP is still the stupid party, it’s our favorite stupid party.  Just as the noble squirrels collect nuts to nourish them in the winter, so we collect these nuts to amuse us through the long, hard cold election season. So, just curl up in front of a cozy fire and “Feel the Bern!”





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