The Clown Car Update for July 4, 2015

Posted: July 4, 2015 in New Post

From time to time entire networks have made it into the Clown Car, most commonly Fox News. But another frequent flyer, or should I say driver, of the Clown Car has been CNN! Well, they made it again here on Episode 342 of the Tim Corrimal Show.
This past week, as we all  celebrated the Supreme Court’s historic ruling on same-sex marriage, we also had the celebration of gay pride with parades across the globe. London, England was no exception, and CNN’s Lucy Pawle was there to describe the festivities when suddenly, she spotted trouble. There among the revelers was a member of ISIS, flying their black flag with Arabic slogans of hate. “…It’s very distinctively the ISIS flag” she declared and we were off to the races.

But wait a minute, that doesn’t look like Arabic! Why, those are drawings of dildos and butt plugs! It was a dildo and butt plug flag.  But CNN actually brought in a terror expert to discuss why ISIS may be infiltrating the LGBTQ community in London. Now, just about anybody could confuse dildos and butt plugs for Arabic, right? And apparently that’s exactly who CNN hires for reporters; just about anybody. To her credit, Ms. Pawle did think the symbols were “gobbledegook”, but obviously she never had experience with a dildo or a butt plug.
But mistaking parody for the real thing is not all that uncommon on CNN. After all, they do regularly have Wolf Blitzer and Don Lemon regularly impersonate journalists without any sense of irony.
Now, CNN is no stranger to hysteria either. Granted, they do not do it as well as Fox, but they do at times deserve honorable mention. For example, remember when Sanjay Gupta dedicated an entire segment to instructing people on the proper protective gear to wear if you encounter a person infected with Ebola. Of course, what he never explained was that the odds of you ever meeting a person with Ebola in the United States were about the same as seeing a real news story on CNN; close to zero.
The tragedy in all this is that CNN missed a great story about a flag that was actually happening in South Carolina, where a young woman, Bree Newsome, bravely shimmied up the flag pole in front of the South Carolina state house and took down the flag of the Confederacy and was subsequently arrested. That flag was a real flag of hate, honored and exalted by human dildos and butt plugs.  But sadly, no CNN reporter was there to recognize it!

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