The Clown Car Update for June 7, 2015

Posted: June 4, 2015 in New Post

Rick Perry is running for president again. You would think that was hilarious enough, but he also introduced his camapign theme at the same time, and it was a Rap song. That’s right, a Rap song from the secessionist from Texas! Well, I thought that Rick deserved my own Rap tribute to his campaign. We all performed it on Episode 338 of The Tim Corrimal Show and you can sing along with the lyrics here!

Rick Perry’s the man, who’ll set you free,
Not afraid to spill blood on the Liberty Tree
He’s a Texas man, purely born and bred,
And if you don’t believe him you’ll be eatin’ lead!

Rick Perry! He’s Scary!

He’s  a Texas man, he’s a real hard dude
He’ll execute your ass just for talkin’ rude
He’ll secure the border, then he’ll bomb Iran
No Ayatolla scares him, he’s a Texas man!

Rick Perry! He’s Scary!

He’s a Texas man, he’s Attila the Hun,
And he’s comin’ after ISIS with a big ass gun,
He’ll kill them all for the things they do,
And be back in time for good ol’ Texas barbecue!

Rick Perry! He’s Scary!

Rick’s got big plans for the economy’s fate,
He’ll turn he USA into the Lone Star State!
No full time jobs, no health care plan,
But you could always open carry, like a Texas Man

Rick Perry! He’s Scary!

Oh, and Israel, Rick Perry’s your dude,
He’ll never let Iran get nuclear fuel,
Bibi and Rick are like two best friends
Cause they both like talkin’ bull shit out of their rear ends!

Rick Perry! He’s Scary!

So if you want a real man for your president,
Just vote for Rick Perry and represent,
He’ll give you back your country and he’ll set you free,
And in 2016 he can count to three!

Rick Perry! He’s Scary!

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