The Worst Amendment

Posted: April 17, 2015 in New Post

I just read that Tim McGraw is planning to give a concert to benefit a group called Sandy Hook Promise. Sounds really nice, right? A big star donating his time and talent to help improve the safety of our children. Instead, he is under attack. If you guessed fat old gun nuts who think they are police officers and shoot unarmed people in the back, you are correct. OK, I was ranting there, but I’m entitled. More entitled that the dickless morons who think they can compensate for erectile dysfunction by carrying a phallic substitute on their hip.

So now Tim McGraw is rewarded for his generosity and sense of community by threats and insults. This is the state of we are in in this country, where people care about a lethal piece of steel more than they do about the safety of our children. Where there is a total disregard for what is important, namely insuring that parents do not have to send their children to school wondering if they will ever see them again. Unfortunately, for the parents at Sandy Hook Elementary, that has already happened. It is amazing to me that anyone who would call himself or herself an American would put gun rights above preventing the sorrow and loss that these parents must face for the rest of their lives.

One has to wonder what our founding fathers would think if they saw the Second Amendment perverted to the point that gun nuts would abide the mass murder of children for the sacred cause of gun ownership. What would our founding fathers say to an NRA convention filled with blood thirsty arms dealers who promote gun sales above our right to be safe? What would they say to the parents of Sandy Hook who will never have the joy of one more Christmas day with their child? Here’s what I would say to them; You did a pretty good job with that Constitution of yours, but you know that Second Amendment idea? It was the worst!

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