Indiana Cake Recipe

Posted: April 3, 2015 in New Post

Rotten eggs (can be obtained in the Indiana legislature)
Sour milk
Flour (white only)
Salt (preferably obtained from Lot’s wife)

Start by mixing the butter and sugar so that everything tastes like your making something good.
Now, get the rotten eggs involved, stirring the pot into a homophobic frenzy.
Add the sour milk and salt to rub in the wounds of anyone who may be offended by this cake.
Separate the mixture into two pans, one for the base and one for the media.
Bake near a burning bush at 350º or with fire and brimstone.

After the cake is baked, place the bottom layer on a plate. Fill the center with contempt for anything that doesn’t meet your narrow view of morality, and squeeze it between the top layer so no one can really see it. Then frost the entire cake with doubletalk frosting, using the sugar to distract from your bitterness.

Cut the cake and shove it down everyone’s throat whether they want some or not.

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