The 1% Solution

Posted: March 17, 2015 in New Post

A few days ago Tim Corrimal sent me a link to a poignant article that chronicled the lives of real life workers at a Hardee’s restaurant. This wasn’t the Hardee biscuit line of Joni Ernst. This wasn’t an “up from the bootstraps” story of rags to senate riches designed to justify the ruthless policies of the Ayn Rand cult. No, this was the story of real people living and struggling to survive on minimum or near minimum wage. They are not lazy or dependent as GOP myth would have you believe. They have real families, real responsibilities, and real dreams. They struggle every day to make ends meet and provide for their loved ones, and yet remain dedicated to their job and their customers. They are the working poor. They are the real job creators. They are the backbone of America.

Yet again today, another GOP voice, one of elite privilege, one with a dynastic family name, came out in opposition to the minimum wage. Jeb Bush, of the WMD/Mission Accomplished Bushes, today had this to say”

“We need to leave it to the private sector,” he responded. “I think state minimum wages are fine. The federal government shouldn’t be doing this.” He went on, “The federal government doing this will make it harder and harder for the first rung of the ladder to be reached, particularly for young people, particularly for people that have less education.”

Leave it to the private sector, the same private sector who gave us junk bonds, credit default swaps, and predator lending. Leave it to the states, the same states who decided to go to war to preserve the right to keep human beings as personal property.  Leave it to the corporations, the same corporations who poison our air and foul our water only to take profit, but never responsibility. For people earning minimum wage, that rung of the ladder is the last one they ever climb.

Mr. Bush’s comment is laughable. In the Bush universe, the Federal government, by enforcing a minimum wage, is just making it harder on the working poor. He wants you to believe, contrary to the facts, that by giving the working poor more money, we make them poorer. If your head is spinning right now, don’t be surprised. The Bushes always ask us to believe in the oxymoronic. War will bring peace, cutting taxes will increase revenue, and starving children will make them stronger.

The first Bush called his approach “a thousand points of light”. The second Bush called it “compassionate conservatism”. What this Bush will ultimately call his agenda is still to be determined. Maybe “loving indifference”, “hateful caring”, or what it is, “The Cult of Cruelty”.  However he decides to guild it, the results will be the same for the employees of Hardee’s. They will continue to work hard, dream big, and most likely never leap from the biscuit line to the senate. They will spend their entire lives standing on the first rung of the ladder looking up at Jeb.

  1. You hit the nail on the head, Joe!!! Great post.

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