The New Confederacy

Posted: March 9, 2015 in New Post

Today 47 senators succeeded from the United States of America.  In doing so they dishonored the United States, spit on their oath to defend its constitution, and demonstrated the ultimate contempt for the its president. There is no more pretense, no more theater. They are in a treasonous hysteria.

The formation of the New Confederacy began on January 21, 2015 when the Speaker of the House, John Boehner, chose a new leader for the New Confederate government. It was Benjamin Netanyahu who also holds the position as Israel’s Prime Minister. Boehner then invited his new president to address what would be the last joint session of the congress of the former United States. This was done without consultation with the U S president or regard for his conduct of foreign policy.

When the New Confederacy President Netanyahu arrived, he gave a speech to a crowd largely made up of representatives of the old union who interrupted him 50 times with applause and standing ovations. It was to be his first State of the New Confederacy Address and they loved it. No one yelled “you lie”, though the speech was riddled with them. No one cared about his birth certificate even though he was born in Israel.  No one cared that his real loyalties were to another government, because so were theirs.

And today the New Confederacy, under the guidance of its foreign minister designate, Tom Cotton, took its first action as a new government. Today, 47 men and women who formerly pledged allegiance to the stars and striped, instead took up the cause of their new country. Like the assault on Fort Sumter, these new rebels rained bombs upon the peace talks under way between the United States and Iran. In a letter to their counterparts among the hard-liners in Iran, they pleaded with them to scuttle the talks and deny Barack Obama and the rest of the world the promise of peace. If they did, the rewards to the New Confederacy and Iran would be the shared goal of endless war. The war profiteers of the New Confederacy would have a new income stream, and the extremists in the Middle East would have a new recruiting tool. It was a win, win.

You will not know it from watching cable news, reading a newspaper or surfing the internet, but today was one of the saddest days in our nations history. Today, 47 men and women formerly loyal to the United States let their bigotry toward the first black president and their lust for war lead them to reach out to our enemies in a shared desire for bloodshed. 47 men and women who claimed to love the Constitution burned it at the feet of the mullahs in Iran. Today, 47 men and women said they no longer love the United States of America.

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