Where Do Pills Go When You Swallow Them? (And where do babies come from?)

Posted: March 1, 2015 in New Post

On Monday, the Idaho state legislature begin hearings on a proposal that would ban Telemedicine from prescribing abortion pills remotely. Now the fact that the state of Idaho would be contemplating further barriers to a woman’s health choices should not surprise anyone. Besides being a decidedly red state, a quick look at a map shows that Idaho is shaped like a giant douche bag.

The discussion centered on the use of tiny pill sized cameras that patients can swallow for procedures such as colonoscopies. And so it was that during the hearing state Rep. Vito Barbieri, a GOP supporter of the bill,  asked Dr. Julie Madsen, a physician opposing the ban, the following question:

Can this same procedure [swallowing a tiny camera] then be done in a pregnancy? Swallowing a camera and helping the doctor determine what the situation is?

Who or what has this man been having sex with? With a straight face and all the professionalism Dr. Madsen could muster, she responded that swallowed pills do not end up in the vagina. Sort of like when you take a Tylenol it doesn’t pop out of your penis.

Now there can be many explanations for Mr. Barbieri’s confusion. First, republicans are hyper resistant to the idea of teaching science or sex education. In Idaho schools, the mere mention of a vagina caused hair pulling hysteria. So it is no wonder that a state representative could have grown up never knowing that female genitalia are not connected to the colon. Second, Mr. Barbieri may be inferring that there is a connection with women’s reproductive and digestive systems simply because women have always thrown up at the idea of having sex with him.

After the hearing, Mr. Barbieri tried to cover up his ignorance by pretending that it was intentional and was a tactical question to trick the witness into responding the way she did.  In reality I suspect that Mr Barbieri’s was confused about where a woman’s sexual organs are is based on too many viewings of  “Deep Throat”.

In any event, this is where we are in American political discourse where science is discarded and laws affecting women’s health are written by men who who think they are nothing more than baby machines with an alien type of plumbing.  This is why the GOP is in trouble with women. This is why they are correctly accused of waging a war on women. This is why men like Mr. Barbieri should never be allowed near a legislative body, let alone a woman’s.

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