Eating, the Next Right Wing Target?

Posted: February 10, 2015 in New Post

This blogger has just been made aware of the right wing’s next issue to be targeted. They will be questioning the government’s overreach in encouraging people to eat. I must caution that my sources are unsubstantiated and have no basis in fact. In other words, this article is as reliable as any story you will hear on Fox News.

For years the Federal government has been telling the American people that eating regularly was necessary for good health. But there are some who have suggested that food and its dependency is just another way for the government to take away our liberties. Eating, they insist, should be an individual choice and not an activity forced on us by the ruling elite.

The supporters of the anti-eating movement point to several statistics that show that people who eat regularly, especially those who have done so since childhood, eventually develop life threatening diseases. For example, experts point to statistics that the five leading causes of death in the United States are heart disease, cancer, chronic lower respiratory disease, accidents, and stroke. We then must ask, they say, what do these all have in common? The answer is startling. Each one affects people who have followed a regular regimen of regular or semi-regular food intake.

This has prompted some in congress to call for action. Sen Joni Ernst, the freshman senator from Kansas told us:

“When my mother was pregnant for me, she was told by the medical elites that good nutrition was essential for my development. The problem was that we were poor and she could barely provide bread bags to wear for the rest of the family. Thankfully, she was smart enough to see through this government interference and ate very little. And I turned out just fine. I was almost the size of a baby chipmunk when I was born. In fact, most of the mothers who followed their doctors’ advise ended up with children who turned out to be liberals, but my mother (and the country) got me!”

This concern was echoed by Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky:

“Since I made myself an eye doctor, I have had many patients who have had eye problems directly caused by eating. One man in particular nearly lost an eye when the straw from his extra large Coke poked him while taking food from the drive in window of a fast food chain”

These and other startling incidents prompted Sen. Ted Cruz to issue this warning:

“Encouraging people to eat is just another failure of Obamacare. Its emphasis on good nutrition and regular meals is just another example of the overreach of this imperial president. We must repeal this train wreck and allow people to chose for themselves whether to eat or not”

And Sarah Palin adds:

“We those whom have or may have therefore eaten have to stop and say ‘hey, what’s that, a gotcha burger’ therefore then standing up to the man and refusing food for liberty. Then and only then will the Paul Revere spirit of riding horses infuse us with the freedom to reject the squirmish idea of food tyranny”

These concerns may soon result in congressional action. Rep. Paul Ryan is already said to be drafting legislation to end all food stamp, school lunch programs, and welfare. “We simply have to get people off the eating habit and have them experience the freedom to do without food”, Rep. Ryan recently stated.

A recent Gallup Survey found that the average household spends between $151 to $180 per week on food. Pointing to this survey, Ryan remarked, “imagine the money we could use for defense and tax breaks for the Koch brothers if we just stop encouraging people to eat”.

The controversy over the habit of eating will only be turning more heated as the presidential election cycle heats up. Already Darrell Issa has scheduled hearings into the Obama Administrations emphasis on nutrition and has indicated that the first subpoena may be issued to the First Lady herself.  Others are calling for the articles of impeachment. All this assures that eating will be the next big topic to dominate the news for the months ahead. Stay tuned!


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