A Rose By Any Other Name…

Posted: February 2, 2015 in New Post

Today I had an interesting conversation on Twitter I thought I’d share. Normally Twitter is not the place to have rational discussions, especially with the admirers of Ayn Rand. However, I am always fascinated by the inherent contradictions in her philosophies and how her apostles resolve them.

It started when I commemorated Ms. Rand’s 110th birthday with the following Tweet…

Marnus3  #AynRand was a horrid creature who then wrote several books to prove she was an equally horrid writer.

After which the following brain spasm ensued…

CommieZombies  While Rand was certainly flawed (See: Human), she did share some great ideas with the world.

Marnus3  @CommieZombies The celebration of greed is not an “idea”.
CommieZombies  So wanting to control yourself & your property is greedy? And what of the ppl who wanna control others? Are they not greedy?
Marnus3  @CommieZombies So, who wants to control others?
CommieZombies  Government, and all its supporters, want to control others.

Marnus3  @CommieZombies So you are for no government?

CommieZombies  Correctamundo!
Marnus3  @CommieZombies OK, at least you admit it. BTW, have you checked out the Taliban? You’d like them.
CommieZombies  Why would I like the Taliban? Do tell, what exactly do I have in common with them?
Marnus3  @CommieZombies No government controls them.
CommieZombies  THEY control ppl. Harshly. I support the non-aggression principle. That means NO ONE has the right to use violence on others.
Marnus3  @CommieZombies So, how do you enforce non-aggression?
CommieZombies  Property rights. Everyone has a right to self defense.

Marnus3  @CommieZombies And if I cannot defend myself, am sick or infirm, or just weaker than the offender, then what?

CommieZombies  Join with others. Form whatever organizations you find beneficial for security, etc.
 Marnus3  @CommieZombies Sort of like a tribe?
…you know, like the Taliban. So This Randian does not believe in government, but instead would depend on his “property rights” being defended by an “organization”.  Now, Merriam-Webster defines “organization” as follows: “an administrative and functional structure (as a business or a political party);  characterized by complete conformity to the standards and requirements of an organization”. Now that’s starting to sound like a government. But in Randspeak, I guess we don’t call it a government, we call it an organization. But that begs many questions. How many organizations will there be, thousands, millions? What happens when organizations have opposing interests?  Does the one with the most guns win? Is that justice? Do Randians care about justice? Is it really freedom they seek, or the type of anarchy that allows them to enforce their individual idea of justice.
The circular logic in this conversation illustrates the inherent flaw in the “philosophy” of Ayn Rand. She sought to live in a universe where only self interest was virtuous, but at the same time lived in a universe where she thrived on the benefits of government. In the end, she accepted her Social Security checks and was treated under Medicare. For Ms. Rand, as with my friend on Twitter, quote Blanche DuBois, they always depend on the kindness of strangers. Even when those strangers are the government.

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