The Clown Car Update for October 26, 2014

Posted: October 24, 2014 in New Post, The GOP

On Episode 314 of The Tim Corrimal Show we celebrate Halloween with an “Ode to the GOP Halloween Clowns”:


They roam the night this time of year

To feast upon your brains

The seers of doom, with tales of fear

The end is near, they claim!


They hunger for your very soul,

They crave your bones and flesh

They never seem to get enough

Their pits are bottomless


For centuries they sucked our blood

And terrorized our towns

They’re known by many names you know,

Republicans, Tea Clowns


They come in many forms and shapes

They offer circuses and bread

They say they’ll help you, make you rich,

Then leave you to the dead!


One comes as Christie, large and loud

He blocks your bridge and mocks

Another comes as Voldemort,

You know him as Rick Scott


Another glows all orange bright,

The Speaker of the House!

To us he growls, barks, and cries

But to his ghoul friends  he’s a mouse.


Some dress in robes like reapers,

With their bony hands outstretched,

“Your civil rights are dead”, they screech,

“Your Constitution wrecked!” 


But the worst of them we never see

They hide in behind their cloaks,

They feed the beasts and fires of hell

They are the Brothers Koch.


And soon they’ll knock upon your door,

They’ll ask you for your vote

They’ll promise treats but give you tricks

Then throw you in the moat.


They’ll scare you with Ebola,

Or Islamic terrorists,

They’ll promise to protect you,

From harm and all of this.


But all they really want is power,

Fame and cash and more,

And all you get is pain and debt,

And endless years of war.


So listen friends, you are forewarned,

With my scary little rhyme,

Get out and vote, defeat these ghouls

And tell them “not this time!”

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