The GOP Clown Car Update for October 19, 2014

Posted: October 19, 2014 in New Post

On Episode 313 of the “Tim Corrimal Show”, our Clown Car Driver of the Week is Chuck Todd. Legend has it that the late Tim Russert mistakenly hired Chuck Todd when he was actually answering an ad for NBC’s rest room attendant. Tim mistakenly hired him to work in the news department. It is rumored at NBC that that Mr. Russert had his fatal heart attack after he realized what he had done.

On Tuesday, Chuck Todd appeared on MSNBC’s daily three-hour Republican infomercial called “Morning Joe”. The ever-repugnant Joe Scarborough invited Chuck to regurgitate his political opinions all over our perfectly good breakfast. Joe, sporting the now fashionable Rick Perry horn rimmed glasses, played a clip in which Alison Lundergan Grimes refused to disclose whether she ever voted for Barack Obama. Well that made Chuck’s receding hairline quiver with anger. “How will she ever be able to cast a tough vote in the Senate if she won’t answer a simple question”.

Well, the secret there, Chuck, is that senators and congressmen do that all the time. You just never noticed because your cable at the RNC does not have CSPAN. Then Chuck’s face turned redder that the hair on his chinny chin chin and he erupted; “This disqualifies her from ever serving in the senate.” Scarborough got a shiver up his leg and the Republicans had a new campaign ad.

Within minutes Kentucky voters were treated to a the new ad featuring Chuck Todd’s endorsement of the only man without a chin to serve in the U S Senate, Mitch McConnell. Chuck had finally reached his goal of being a spokesman for the GOP. But he had to fake surprise because, at least for now, MSNBC is pretending to lean forward as opposed to the right.

So on Wednesday night he brushed his goatee and went on “All In with Chris Hayes” to declare how the ad made him “sick to his stomach”. But, as all good Republican do after saying something stupid, he doubled down on his remark and said “but she brought it on herself”. That’s right, Ms. Grimes forced Chuck to make an ad for Mitch McConnell. And she got off easy. After all, if you upset the moderator of Meet the Press, you can be looking at years of congressional oversight hearings. Just ask Susan Rice.

Oh, and a note to Chris Hayes; I know you probably were coerced into having Chuck on your show but beware that you are kicking the Clown Car tires and you may end up in it’s trunk.

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