The GOP Clown Car Update for July 20, 2014

Posted: July 21, 2014 in New Post

This week on Episode 302 of The Tim Corrimal Show the Clown Car is populated by the Clown Prince himself, Sean Hannity along with his Duchess of Dumb, Sarah Palin. Together they make up The Fox News Royal Couple of comedy entertainment. Last week her Dumbness decided that Congress should immediately pass articles of impeachment on President Obama for his numerous constitutional violations. His Pompousness Sean readily agreed and they spent countless minutes of airtime (that could have been put to good use selling worthless gold futures) enumerating the president’s high crimes and misdemeanors. Among them was that on election night in 2008 he ruined a perfect opportunity for Sarah to celebrate her vice-presidential victory by shooting a moose live on stage.

Sean quickly pointed out that we must not forget that first and foremost Obama is a democrat an offense that on Fox News carries a mandatory sentence of life of constant criticism without parole. They spent what seemed like a decade whining about his alleged lies and abuses of the Constitution that included, but are not limited to; using his executive powers as if he were president; being educated; being president while being black; being educated while being black; and, well, being black.

The segment ended with a Royal plea to all the momma bears and papa bears to stand on their hind legs, expose their genitalia, and demand that their congress person do the right thing and remove the usurper Obama and install Princess Pinhead as Animal Slayer in Chief! Anything less would be considered treason punishable by many more hours of these two idiots pandering to their audience of fat old white men that smell like Parmesan cheese.

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