The GOP Clown Car Update for July 13, 2014

Posted: July 14, 2014 in New Post

This week on Episode 301 of The Tim Corrimal Show the Clown Car Update revisits the whimsical decision in the Hobby Lobby case. Their opinion was riddled with circular logic and sprinkled with glitter and rhinestones that can be found in aisle five of your local Hobby Lobby franchise (but not on Sunday because they are closed so The Lord Jesus can count the loot they took in from their Chinese line of merchandise). Anyway to no one’s surprise, the five Tea Party activists posing as Supreme Court justices wrote a majority decision transforming your scrap book supply buying into a religious pilgrimage. Ruling that the retail chain did not have to provide contraception coverage for their female employees, they in effect said that Hobby Lobby was a church where the Holy Spirit resides somewhere between the Elmer’s glue and the Krylon Spray paint. “Praise Jesus!”, Antonin  Scalia was heard to say, as the Koch Brothers Five danced on their masters’ strings that, by the way, come in fifteen vibrant colors in the yarn and knitting department. So line up sinners and enter the new world of “for profit” soul saving and don’t forget to check out the weekly circular chuck full of savings blessed by The Lord Jesus himself!

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