Posted: June 24, 2014 in New Post

As some of you may know, I have the privilege each week to co-host the Timcorrimal Show (Stitcher, iTunes, Netroots Radio). Each week I give an update on the GOP Clown Car occupants of the week. This week it was Dick and Liz Cheney for their video featuring a jaw-dropping rewrite of recent history.  If you have not had breakfast yet, you can watch it here. On this week’s show I offered the interpretation of the video translated from Cheney-Speak to English. I have been asked to post it, so here it is. Enjoy!

“Since I left office, President Obama has worked tirelessly to end the wars I started and return the troops to their families. Now, since my youth was dedicated to safeguarding my own ass from serving in the military, I have little interest in the troops or their families. What I do have an interest in is my bottom line which is starting to suffer from lack of war profit. Liz here was hoping to inherit my fortune, but if Obama keeps ending the wars I started, there may not be much left for her. As a result, we have started this new initiative, “The Cheney War Profit Fund”. In the past I have successfully lied to you about WMD’s, Iraq’s nuclear weapons, and even the ridiculous notion that I’m human. So, what the hell, I figured this was worth one more try! So how about it America, one more invasion for old time’s sake?!”

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