Shock and Awe at Fox News (or maybe not so much)

Posted: May 5, 2014 in New Post

Last week was another bad one for the Republican Party and their whiny but always entertaining mouth piece, Fox News. It was a week of devastating news for Fox Tales and their GOP sponsors. First they found that being a racist can be a bad thing (see Cliven Bundy and Donald Sterling). Then came the news that over 8 million people have signed up on the health care exchanges(see Death Spiral). Seems like repeal and replace has become retreat and regroup. But the worst news for Fox and Fiends was on the economy. Yes, the figures are in and the Obama economy is doing quite nicely despite predictions of job creators dropping dead on the street from the strain of having the Bush tax cuts expire. Unemployment was down to 6.3% in April and 288,000 private sector jobs were created marking the 50th consecutive week of job growth. And what was the Fox response to all this great news? BENGHAZI! That’s right, just as Ilsa Lund and Rick Blaine will always have Paris, Fox and Fiends will always have Benghazi. The word flows out of right wing mouths like flatulence out of the anus of Rush Limbaugh. Someday the Fox crew will realize that the only people paying attention to their fake scandals are either having their cattle impounded or have just been banned from the NBA. That day will probably not be very soon. 

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