Sean Hannity, Claude Rains, and the Curious Case of Cliven Bundy

Posted: April 25, 2014 in New Post

Recently Sean Hannity and all his colleagues over at Fox Ruse plumbed the depths of desperation turning Cliven Bundy, a little known deadbeat, tax evading rancher from Nevada, into their conservative freedom fighter of the month. Day after day, Sean featured Clive and his band of militia supporters, telling his tale of patriotic resistance against a government that was denying all good white Christian Americans their liberty.  Each night for two weeks Sean would supply the gasoline while Cliven would bring the fires of hell and retribution to reign down upon the revenuers from a foreign government he didn’t recognize as legitimate.

The thing is, Sean kept missing the obvious: Cliven was just another white supremacist with a bulging gut and an everlasting grudge against the Emancipation Proclamation. Then, in a moment of revelation, Sean, doing his best Claude Rains impression, was shocked, SHOCKED to hear that his revolutionary BFF was none other than Archie Bunker in a Stetson. Yes, Cliven was caught on tape expressing his concern for the poor American Negro, who, as a result of the War of Yankee Aggression, has nothing to do but sit on the porch and find ways to incarcerate young black men. Why Clive had the perfect solution. There’s all this cotton out there to be picked, and good old Negro hands just sittin’ idle that could be put to good use a pickin’! That way, they would have something to do, a good family life, and a bunch of chickens to eat. Ah, the good old days of slavery!

Well, Sean, maybe you and your producers over at Fox Views should vet your heroes more carefully. Better yet, maybe you should stop finding ways to fan the flames of racial hatred and bigotry. Maybe you should stop pretending that you never suspected that this hero of yours was nothing more than a land mooching racist. Maybe you and Cliven should sit down together and take in a movie. May I suggest “Twelve Years a Slave”.

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