Thrift Tips McDonald’s Forgot

Posted: November 23, 2013 in New Post

To help its employees, McDonald’s recently published handy thrift tips for there employees, advise ranging from shopping at thrift stores to “stop complaining!”. Here are more tips they could have given to make the holiday season even more enjoyable at $8 and hour:

  • 10.  Get rid of your apartment and live at work. With the wages we pay,  your place can’t be much better.
  • 9.    Stop taking your medication. Have you read those scary side effects?
  • 8.    Sell your dinnerware. All our food comes in bags.
  • 7.     If you have several children, consider renting one of them out for the holidays.
  • 6.    Turn off the heat and take the opportunity for a group family hug.
  • 5.    Sell your refrigerator and hang your food from a tree. WOW! A new family holiday tradition!
  • 4.    Eat out of one of our dumpsters twice a week. Hint: It’s the same stuff we serve in our restaurant.
  • 3.    To save hot water, don’t wash your cloths until they start to stick to you.
  • 2.    Sell an organ. Kidneys are a popular choice. Did you know you only need one!
  • 1.    Stop splurging on Happy Meals!

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