Liberals, Stop Kicking the Dog!

Posted: October 26, 2013 in Health Care

There is a fatal flaw in some progressive thinking. That is, that to distinguish ourselves from our right wing brothers and sisters, we must be willing to decimate our most cherished projects at the first sign of trouble. Witness, for example, the latest hair pulling going on in progressive media regarding the recent glitches on the website. Now let me say at the outset that there are problems that need to be fixed and the roll out has been less than stellar. However, the relentless parade of liberal commentators on cable news ready to shoot the wounded has been nothing short of nauseating. As if the always willing Fox News Noise Machine needed any help, we have added the voices of our “friends” in the media to pump up the volume.  From Jon Stewart to Ezra Klein they have been willing to join the forces of health care ambulance chasers ready to declare the Affordable Care Act dead on arrival.

Now maybe it’s the void left after all the drama of Mr. Cruz and his fact-challenged caucus leading us to the brink of economic collapse.  Or, maybe Jon Stewart gets a chill up his leg if he can belittle Kathleen Sebelius with a little comedy shtick. But the fact of the matter is that by lending their voices to the Koch brother cronies, they are, as one Twitter poster put it “feeling privileged to kick their own dog”.

Let’s not forget that when the February 15th deadline came for states to decide if they would set up their own exchanges, 26 states decided not to cooperate with the ACA implementation and forced the Federal Government to provide the marketplace for their consumers. This caused a major logistic nightmare for any website developer and was part of the deliberate sabotage orchestrated by the Koch brothers and their bought-and-paid-for governors. Add to that the 14 states that declined Medicaid expansion, denying the poorest of their population access to health care. Then came the drumbeat from the right, led by Dudley Cruz-wrong, that “Obamacare” was a “train wreck” even before it was implemented. And, to prove his point, Ted Cruz attempted to fulfill his own prophesy by adding the U S economy to the carnage.

Then came October 1

The government shut down and the approaching debt limit loomed. Our friends in the liberal press were so busy rounding up the usual suspects in those debacles, that the glitches on the ACA website almost escaped their attention. The daily threat of financial Armageddon almost made them miss an opportunity to take part in one of their favorite pastimes, kicking their own dog. In this case, the dog they were ignoring was

Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell to the Rescue!

Thanks to the cooler heads in the U S Senate economic disaster was avoided and Jon Stewart & Co. could get down to the business of proving that they were willing to kick their own dog without any help from the Tea Party. Yes, these were our “friends’ in the media, willing at the first sign of trouble to start pointing fingers and attempt to make themselves look “fair and balanced”. Except that they were neither fair, nor balanced. Yes, the website was overwhelmed with traffic. Yes, consumers were frustrated with the failed attempts to complete their applications. This is nothing new in the history of internet commerce. Remember the 2010 rollout of the new iPhone? That didn’t go very well either, yet no one suggested that the entire concept of the iPhone was in peril because of a website glitch. So here’s some news for my favorite liberal media heads; the ACA is not in jeopardy because of a website glitch. Mr. Klein may not want to hear it, but it is only a website, a website that will be improved and working fine very soon.

And to close, some unsolicited advice to my friends in the liberal media: CHILL! Everything will be OK. The patient has a flesh wound, not a fatal shot to the heart. Stop the wailing and gnashing of teeth and get with the program. Sell the ACA and quit your obsession with minutia. Oh, and while you’re at it, stop kicking the poor dog!

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